GeoTech™ Slab & Concrete Lifting Foam

Save money by lifting existing concrete, rather than replacing it.

Utilizing GeoTech™ Slab Lifting

GeoTech™ Slab Lifiting uses a special polyurethane system that is injected directly under the concrete. 3/8″ holes are drilled in a specific pattern to lift the concrete with little to no impact on the visual of the surface. 

The materials mix and expand causing pressure under slab to raise it so that it is level with the already existing concrete. This mixture is certified to work in both wet and dry conditions due to its hydrophobic properties. When taking into account that water infiltration is one of the leading causes of sinking or shifting slabs, foam that is resistant and and repels water is extremely beneficial to the lifespan of the lift. 

Weather Resistant

Lightweight & Sturdy

Adheres to Almost Any Surface

Covers Any Complex Shape

Increased Service Life

Application Uses for GeoTech™ Slab Lifting

  • Residential sidewalks and driveways

    Fix uneven surfaces for residential applications to ensure safe and even path for residential based clients.

  • Commercial Warehouses

    Cracks and bumps happen over time with wear and tear. Ensure safety on the job with GeoTech™ Slab Lifting.

  • City Streets

    Cut down on repair and maintenance costs with GeoTech™ Slab Lifting. Fix parts of the road that have sunken down from water seepage.

Before GeoTech™

After GeoTech™