Understanding Your Energy Bill

A ClimaShield Guide To Why Your Bills Are So High and How to Lower Them.

Walls and ceilings account for 60% of the air loss alone.
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Air escapes through the gaps, cracks, and seams in your building or home. Walls and ceilings account for 60% of the air loss alone when there is poor insulation. Using ClimaShield Spray Foam to seal these problem areas will lead to a more efficient building and lower energy costs for you. 

Problems with Air Loss

How air loss affects comfort levels and energy consumption

Wind-Induced air infiltrates the building envelope through small cracks, seams, and fastener holes. As this air infiltrates the building, an equal amount of warm air ex-filtrates the building. At the same time, the Stack Effect occurs, with the warm air rising and with the increase in pressure, the air escapes through whatever it can in the ceiling, attic or roof. Meanwhile, equal amounts of cold air enter the building through crawls, basements, and the lower levels. Air loss accounts for at least 30% of thermal flow across the enclosure in a well-insulated building with fiberglass batt, polystyrene or polyisocyanurate insulation types.

Lost Energy

How air loss costs you money.

Air can escape through gaps, seams and cracks in windows, walls, doors, and even ceilings. When air enters through these small cracks, an equal amount of air is forced out. This makes your HVAC or heating system work even harder than it already has to in hot summer months, or cold winter days. ClimaShield Spray Foam insulation will seal those gaps to a perfect barrier. This prevents the temperatures inside your building from fluctuating and helps to maintain a more consistent air flow throughout.

Effects of ClimaShield Spray Foam Insulation

How ClimaShield stops air loss.

ClimaShield’s spray foam insulation fills the gaps, cracks, and seams in the walls, ceilings, doors, and crawl spaces. By doing this, it creates a seamless barrier on the inside that stops air loss. Because of this barrier, the conditioned air can fully circulate inside the building instead of escaping.

What ClimaShield Does For You

In addition to decreasing energy waste and the cost-savings, your building will become draft free, have stable temperatures, and increase in energy efficiency – all resulting in a comfier building. Outside of insulation, ClimaShield Spray Foam also offers commercial and residential roofing.