Energy Savings
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ClimaShield Spray Foam

Explore the benefits of using ClimaShield Spray Foam in your home. 

Residential Spray Foam Energy Savings

Before ClimaShield Spray Foam

Expected energy costs on average of $1.79 per square foot.

After ClimaShield Spray Foam

Expected energy costs on average of $1.12 per square foot.

Energy loss happens when conditioned air inside your house escapes through gaps or cracks in windows, walls, doors, and ceilings. When air enters through these gaps, an equal amount of conditioned air inside the home is pushed out. Your HVAC unit will work harder to keep up with this loss of air. ClimaShield Spray Foam seals these gaps keeping your conditioned air right where it should be.

ClimaShield Spray Foam uses a specific formula to fill the cracks, seams, and gaps in your home that stops air, heat, and water from getting in. A fully done home can experience energy savings between $200 and $800 per month.

By using spray foam you can help contribute to the world’s health. Spray Foam helps to reduce the consumption of electricity by 36 billion kilowatt hours, reduce fuel oil use by 12%, and propane use by 10%. There is minimal waste and mess, keeping materials out of landfills. 

ClimaShield Spray Foam is highly durable and has low maintenance. It won’t rot, crack, or leak. Repairs and replacements during the lifetime of the phone are practically non-existent!

Insulate your entire home from the attic and crawlspace, to the walls around you. Efficiently insulating your home will save thousands in the long run and ensure you never have to worry again.